Couples Therapy


Is your marriage or relationship feeling bad?

Are you wondering if this is as good as it gets?

Are you feeling lonely or invisible in your marriage or relationship?

Are you feeling like you don’t know your partner anymore?

Has the talking stopped, tension taken over, arguing increased?

Do you have a roommate, and not the partner you used to have?

All couples go through difficult times. It’s actually normal for marriage to go through difficult times because marriage is like no other relationship. It will force you to look at yourself and make some changes, or be unsatisfied, or divorced. In the words of Dr. David Schnarch, “Marriage is a growing machine for humans. It will ask (force) you to grow up.”

In couples therapy we will help you both identify areas of conflict: where you feel disrespected, uncared for, unimportant, not heard. Couples fall into patterns of relating to one another and often can’t see this, or know how this happened. We will uncover how this happened and help you create new patterns of relating that can improve your relationship. We will explore where and how each of you can take responsibility for yourself. This can be life changing for you and your marriage when you see your responsibility is to take better care of yourself and stop blaming each other for the marriage feeling “bad”.…

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Sex Therapy


Are you dissatisfied with your sexual relationship?

Have you or your partner lost interest in sex?

Do you and your partner have different levels of desire?

Has sex become a frequent topic of discussion or arguments, or is it just not talked about at all?

Are you worried about your own sexual functioning?

It is not unusual for couples to experience some sexual challenges at some point. When sex is good, it can be a natural and enjoyable part of a relationship. But when sex is problematic, or non-existent, it can erode the overall quality of the relationship. Resentment, worry, anger, fear can seep over into other aspects of interactions; conversations tip-toe around the topic, or explode into anger and blame; sometimes even expressions of physical affection disappear.

When a relationship that was once warm and satisfying turns distant and frustrating, partners are left wondering whether it will ever get better. Couples try to solve these problems on their own, but with little understanding of why the problems have occurred, or what to do to change things, efforts often lead to further frustration, disappointment and blame.

Sex therapy is talk therapy that is focused on sexual issues. It is an opportunity to consult with an expert on sexual problems that can interfere with sexual satisfaction. As therapists, we can not only help you understand why these problems are …

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Family Counseling


Why are we arguing with each other? Or, why can’t we talk to each other?

Has your family lost a loved one recently?

Is someone in your family struggling with substance abuse?

Is your family reeling from the fallout of divorce?

Is your family struggling to adjust to some typical life transitions, like relocating, children growing older, graduating from high school?

Every family goes through difficult times. Some of these times will be traumatic and feel like you’ll never recover, such as a death, divorce, or a loved one with substance abuse. Death can be particularly traumatic for a family. Whether it’s due to illness, an accident, or old age, loosing a loved one can be very hard to accept. We will help you through the grieving process. We are here to gently guide you through your pain with compassion and empathy.

Divorce can feel much like a death and families need a time of grieving when this happens. Coming together, mom and the kids, dad and kids, whatever your family now is, grieving what you were, and moving on to your family’s new configuration is an important step in healing.

A family member with a substance abuse problem is frustrating, sad, and impossible to understand. We will help you set boundaries with this loved one and teach you about substance abuse. Knowing what is enabling and what …

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Individual Therapy

Individual-Therapy-North- Atlanta-Couples-Family-Counseling-Center

Have you been stressed more than usual lately? Are you frustrated and irritable?

Do you experience feelings of worry, anxiety, or panic?

Are you struggling with feelings of hopelessness, sadness, or loss?

Have important relationships become more difficult, or recently ended?

Are you having difficulty concentrating? Do you often feel overwhelmed?

Do you feel bad about yourself, less capable, or less deserving than other people?

If you feel that you just don’t want to go on experiencing life this way, individual therapy can help you bring about change. Our team of skilled counselors is here to assist you one- on- one, with whatever challenges you are facing in you relationships,  work life, school life, social or home life.  We offer a non-judgmental, serene, nurturing atmosphere, where you will experience support but also accountability.

Some of the issues we specialize in for individual therapy are:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Divorce recovery
  • Substance abuse
  • Grieving
  • Relationships
  • Sexual issues
  • Low self-esteem
  • Personal growth

The best way to figure out what is keeping you from the life you want and deserve, is to do a thorough examination of where you currently are in your life, how you got here and what it will take to move you to where you want to be in your relationships, work life, school life, social and home life. While your counselor’s job is to assist …

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Life Skills Coach

Do you feel stuck in a rut that appears to have no way out?

Are you functioning well in most areas of your life?

Are you finding a particular life transition challenging?

Do you have the drive and motivation to make changes, but need help developing the right plan?

Do you need someone to cheer you on for gains made and hold you accountable for progress lost?

Do you start and finish tasks, or start multiple tasks but rarely finish any of them?

Why can’t you overcome ADHD despite taking medication for it?

Are your time, talent and intellect being utilized productively?

Are you managing stress and negative emotions or are they managing you?

Do your relationships fizzle quickly or remain way past their expiration dates?

Do you keep ending up in toxic relationships?

Have you figured out how to move forward after divorce?

Do you find yourself questioning what’s next for you?

Are you mad about some loss you suffered, and as a result your relationship with your higher power has been damaged?


Coaching is a goal led, action oriented, forward focused, client driven approach to helping you get the life you want. The process begins with an adequate assessment of where you are in your life, where you want to be and how to get you there as quickly as possible. The …

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